Art Therapy

We can cry, we can laugh but nothing changes until we do.
We can cry, we can laugh but nothing changes until we do.

Art Therapy/On Writing

I like many of us have had difficult times where the sun isn’t in our corner shining on us. When I was going through my difficult teenage years I journaled and I noticed how expressing to someone/something my deepest darkest thoughts helped me move on from any dark spots. As an adult I decided to pen a memoir and explore a particular area of my life that inadvertently had become an addiction.

My first draft was a very poor draft, that honestly sounded like a bragging rant. I went back and re-wrote it being more honest with myself but it was still not quite the truth yet. I re-wrote it again, and again. What was sad here is that I penned this memoir just for myself. I wasn’t telling someone a tall tale about myself which would make more sense. I was deliberately painting a rosier picture of events because that was the version I was most comfortable with. Seeing the truth for what it was, was too painful at the time. When I finally bottomed out and admitted to myself I had a problem, was when I realized I had the motivation and conviction to fix it. The tedious process of re-writting, editing (to the best of my ability) and proofreading allowed me to place my feelings on paper, deal with them with honesty and look at my issues objectively and not from a me,me,me standpoint.

Thanks to the long process that is writing a book (even if just for yourself) I was better able to cope with my emotional issues, deal with them constructively by using my creativity and change to be a better person, to overcome and break the negative cycles of behavior. I hope that if you read this blog post and have a skeleton in your closet that has been well hidden, to perhaps take the time to explore it privately so that the skeleton can be laid to rest where it belongs and never come to haunt you again.

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