Nurturing Patience

When someone is a master of their craft they are able to express an emotion in any artistic medium, say something deep with their art and entertain in the process.  Becoming a master at something requires a tremendous amount of dedication, self-motivation and faith to see a project to an end.

It is incredible what someone can accomplish when they apply themselves everyday, the little secrets in the brain they unlock and the satisfaction that comes when something is completed and done right.

An athlete doesn’t win the olympics by only practicing on Sundays. Their entire life revolves around their sport, from their diet to their sleeping habits. They don’t build muscle or endurance in one day, instead everyday, most of the day is dedicated to mentally and physically overcoming the odds of what a regular person does. It is physically becoming super human and mastering their bodies to perform better than their peers and in the process removing or taming mental road blocks like fear, insecurity and self doubt.

I was once told that “Bad art can be a stepping stone to good art,” you can transpose art for writer if you like to write.  I rolled my eyes at this person because I wanted to be good at something right then and there. I wanted to be great at something without putting in the effort. Pretentious right?

Today I was looking back at some old sketches and remembering those golden words my friend told me that I didn’t want to hear.  Today I smile at my bad art because I see the progress to where I am today and how right my friend was to say those now iconic words to me.

Old sketches:

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