Writing as a Habit

Nurture your creativity!

What constitutes something as a hobby?  That depends on who you are asking and how passionate they are about their hobbies.  Writing is a big mental challenge, and for those of you that are into fitness, it also is considered an exercise.  The mind is often a neglected part of the body that can get dull from an excess of information. We take our most precious organ for granted and fail to give it proper movement by encouraging independent thought or engaging those neurons.r

What do I mean by this?

Well, often we go through life wanting to press a button and let someone or something else do the work.  We press a button and the TV goes on, for example, and then images and speech feed our mind in collective thought. It is convenient and comfortable especially after a nine to five work day or other strenuous activity such as stay at home mom, etc.  I am not stating that watching TV is bad, it simply is not enough of an exercise for the brain.

What I am trying to get at with this post is that it is important to create good habits when writing. Exercise is important for the body but also for the brain and doing it regularly like with any exercise regime you start to notice results and improvement. Thinking becomes clearer and the manner of communication improves, for example.

If you commit to being a writer, know that a hobby is something you do once in a while when you feel like it and have the time but a real writer will make it a habit just like with any exercise regime consistency is what makes a difference.

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