A terrible case of inertia

It's a scorcher!
It’s a scorcher!


The heat is stabbing me.  If that could be such a thing. I don’t know what I am saying. I can’t put my thoughts together and if anything sounds too complicated I will just close my eyes, shake my head and turn away.  This is not a good feeling, especially when you begin to see black dots that look like little men crawling up on the sides of the buildings. Let’s pretend I didn’t just see that. I took a sip of my water bottle and moved over to the woman at the counter.

“What is a combo?” I asked the fast food attendant.  I furrowed my brows.  The woman on the other side of the counter looked at me as if I was making fun of her accent. This moment must have looked annoying to the man behind me who scowled with impatience. Now the woman attending the window looked flustered.  She probably wished she would’ve just called in sick.  A gust of heat blasted at us and I felt rather faint.

“A combo come with a drink and for an extra .49 cents you can add sauce,” she said  slowly with her thick accent.

“What?” I asked still not comprehending. The man behind me began to tap his foot.  I just couldn’t understand. I leaned over just a little putting my hands on the counter to steady myself.  I felt the ground move beneath me but there was no earthquake.  I closed my eyes and leaned onto the counter for support.  When I looked back the man behind me was dripping sweat.  The sun was high in the sky and it felt as if the heat emanated from the sun was throbbing or rather blasting at us in waves.  The man behind me began to look very pale, despite the fact that he was soo tan he was a reddish brown color or maybe he was just brown. It was tough to tell when I couldn’t see straight.  A couple of people spraying their water misters walked by saying the temperature was now 109 degrees.

A walk in the park
A walk in the park

I waddled back and forth trying to balance.  The woman at the counter looked like I grew three dragon heads and was breathing fire or something.

“You understand English?” she says to me with a very assertive tone.

Like a sloth, I tilted my head and said: “English is the only language I speak,” as I narrowed my small eyes trying to prevent the sweat from stinging my eye.

My clothes all were wet and sticking to my body from the sweat.  I turned around again to see the man. I could feel the weight of his angry stare.  He had a grimace on and was even paler than before.  He waddled back and forth like one does when you lose you try and balance.  I closed one eye to try and get a good look at him since he was very tall and the sun beaming behind him was no help to see him any better, it did, however, make him more menacing.

In very slow motion a quick set of events happened.  It was surreal. Every second that went by felt like time was suspended and everyone was suspended in midair. The man behind me leaned forward and began to go down slowly in three stages until his forehead hit the pavement.  A little pool of liquid began to collect around his head.  It was soo dark it looked like black ink.

A stranger from afar motioned a park attendant. He waved his hands and was emphatically pointing at the man on the pavement. The park attendant looked as if she couldn’t understand the stranger.  It was as if he had a delayed reaction or he just couldn’t see the emergency.  He looked over at the man on the floor and scratched his head.

I looked over at the fast food attendant.  She looked alarmed, she either was speaking very quickly for me to compute in my mind her words or she must’ve been saying something in her native tongue. Who knows? Her eyes were popping out and her hands kept motioning the man on the floor.  The more I stared at her trying to make out what she was trying to say, the more emphatic were her gestures until she started yelling:

“He needs help! Now!”

I tilted my head toward my right side and said. “Oh!”

The park attendant appeared to have gotten the message and she immediately got on her walkie and called for help. I leaned down towards the man on the pavement and lost my balance and toppled over him.  The stranger that had come from afar helped me lay on the cement and asked the fast food attendant for ice chips. My eyes felt heavy but I hadn’t lost consciousness yet.

Time moved even slower. I closed my eyes and felt the rubber from my sneakers drag against the pavement.  I sensed the shade and opened my eyes.  There was a lot of commotion around me. I heard voices of alarm. Half the people were running around with their hands in the air the other half were more bodies like mine laying on the ground.  There were water bottles scattered all around.

I heard the park attendant call for more help on her walkie but there was dead silence on the other side.

“Call 911!” said the stranger that dragged me.


I felt myself drifting away.  I blinked my eyes.

“There must be something in the water!” said a voice in the background.

That was the last thing I heard before I lost it.

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