The Horror after Halloween!

Undecided ?

“No, No” Donald Trump (Click to purchase 16 x 20 poster prints)
Horror Hillary (to purchase poster prints click image)
Horror Hillary (to purchase 16x 20 poster prints click image)







Artwork by Lonny Lee


Never has election day been so scary!

Today I am going to break one of my own rules.  “Never talk politics”  I always thought that politics was beyond my realm of knowledge as a layperson.  I never strived to be one of those loquacious individuals that probably live near Capital Hill, who probably wear glasses, and watch CNN as a must-have cup of morning coffee so they can talk politics like it’s the weather.  

I want to make America better again!  Is Donald Trumps slogan but how self-righteous is it for him to think that just one man with his aggressive go-getter entrepreneur attitude would work well for a country.  An individual who lacks diplomacy, political strategy, respect for women, respect for minorities and now even the majority of support from his political party.  I will say, I admire his tenacity!  Donald Trump has become so outrageous, he is now comical.  I want to make America better, he says, but rather than be an altruistic and selfless feat worthy of inspiring a nation with a communal belief of hope and patriotism, he simply is being egotistical and narcissistic. I am Donald Trump and without anybody’s help, I can make America better because I am that God-like person. He feels that entitled.   Is he going to grope the nation and make us better just like he would a Miss Universe contestant that got fat?   I would hate to see Donald Trump in the oval office dealing with a potential war or a domestic/international crisis the same way he dealt with a very public fight with Rosie O’Donnell.  Donald is always right and doesn’t back down in any fight, he hasn’t backed down from being a presidential candidate despite that being the best thing for the nation and his political party so that, a better candidate could step up to Hillary and perhaps win.

Hillary the other side of the coin.  I hate to be biased but had she not been involved in so many political wrongdoing scandals I may have given her my vote just because it would be nice to see a woman in a position of power and for her to be a role model of empowerment for women.  Sadly, though her campaign has deployed a negative and underhanded way of gaining the upper hand, not by being a great woman but by highlighting Donald’s little man status. Hillary has been so sly and sneaky she reminds me of my cat when he hides his poop under the carpet and then expects me to feed and pet him even though I am pissed. The funny thing about cats that most pet owners can attest is: the cat is secretly in control. These past couple of debates have demonstrated her ability not just to avert disaster but control a powerful opponent and making him look like a nincompoop.  Admirable indeed, but unfortunately not worthy of trust.

Hilary has been involved in numerous political scandals all of which there has been plausible deniability of her having knowledge.  Is it possible she can’t make herself accountable because she is a coward or is it simply that this is an ignorant candidate that chooses to be willfully blind so she can sleep at night?  I can’t believe that such an intelligent woman would choose to be blind or remain ignorant at the state of affairs.  It simply is daunting the amount of scandals that range from her international political practices to her personal e-mail use for state department affairs that has put in question the integrity of her character. With Hillary it isn’t just what she’s managed to get away with that is scary, it’s also what she’s hiding that is scarier.

I wish there was a third option for president that was strong enough to win. Unfortunately, we seem to be stuck between a hard rock and the wall, with no good options and this has inspired many including myself to be a non-voter, to close our eyes and hope for the best. Regardless of who wins, life the next four years will be scarier than a horror flick!

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