Drive & Optimism

Creative people are driven by optimism. When you are a creative person you don’t criticize yourself.  Criticism, yours and others creates fear, hinders ideas and ultimately kills them.

Wonder & Curiosity

Being inquisitive and curious about your surroundings will nurture the imagination, stimulate the brain and ultimately create ideas.  It is like going back to childhood and re-discovering life.

Pleasure & Fun

Creative people play with things, they make up games, they use things in ways that they weren’t necessarily intended for. In doing so, they have fun, joke around and relive stress.  Being rebellious and thinking without boundaries creates the freedom to do what you want and be happy about it.

Courage & Faith

Creative people should always have faith that their idea is good and that it can inspire others. They should have the courage to stand for their ideas despite ridicule and rejection.

They are many that are afraid to stand out and try something new. It simply is easier to sit around and do nothing than get up on your horse & getty-on up!