Art Gallery

Art has no rules and no boundaries to expression.  

I love the freedom to do what I want with my artwork. With art I open the door  to create a reality and move it into fantasy realm, to draw a good guy and make him look evil, to play with my art supplies and feel the colors and shapes develop on my white piece of paper or canvas.  There is something extremely pleasurable about creating an image but even more so, to create something so beautiful the viewer can not keep his eye away from it.  When I practice my art this is the emotion that goes into my work hoping that the viewer can feel it.


The idea behind adding this tab on my website is for the viewer to see where creative ideas come from, how they evolve and what purpose they were designed for.  Sometimes coming up with an idea when a white piece of paper is staring at you can be very intimidating, so I hope that when you view where some of my ideas came from it will jog your creative juices, and inspire you to add color to the page and make it your own.  All these pieces are part of my private collection and their display is not an attempt to sell my artwork.