The Horror after Halloween!

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“No, No” Donald Trump (Click to purchase 16 x 20 poster prints)
Horror Hillary (to purchase poster prints click image)
Horror Hillary (to purchase 16x 20 poster prints click image)







Artwork by Lonny Lee


Never has election day been so scary!

Today I am going to break one of my own rules.  “Never talk politics”  I always thought that politics was beyond my realm of knowledge as a layperson.  I never strived to be one of those loquacious individuals that probably live near Capital Hill, who probably wear glasses, and watch CNN as a must-have cup of morning coffee so they can talk politics like it’s the weather.   Continue reading “The Horror after Halloween!”

Re-Defining True Love

A transformation of energy 

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The Starving Artist

Hunger pangs.
Hunger pangs.

The love of a craft can be very empowering.  It can be very diminishing.  You can go through a manic high to a deplorable low.

The starving artist is limited by his own illness, one called poverty.  His art can be good but the cup half empty syndrome takes over when he sees himself not being able to feed himself.  He starves in many ways.  He labors arduously never to see a payday or a modicum of recognition.

“Yes, my art is good, but it will never sell,” he says to himself.

He lulls himself to sleep with these thoughts. This mantra becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that is constantly devoted to a labor of failure.  The starving artist always works with one hand behind his back, the one he can’t see is impeding him from success.  His left hand can be just as good as his right, but the artist as open minded as he can be, fails to unrestrict himself from the dark nemesis that lies within his mind.

Grow… Evolve… Move forward, change your perspective, and don’t be a starving artist.

Nurturing Patience

When someone is a master of their craft they are able to express an emotion in any artistic medium, say something deep with their art and entertain in the process.  Becoming a master at something requires a tremendous amount of dedication, self-motivation and faith to see a project to an end.

It is incredible what someone can accomplish when they apply themselves everyday, the little secrets in the brain they unlock and the satisfaction that comes when something is completed and done right.

Continue reading “Nurturing Patience”

Art interpretation

One friend says to another when looking at their abstract art.
“What is that?”
The other responds:
“I don’t know, use your imagination!”
The first friend laughs incredulous and says:
“You should know you made it!”
“Imagination is better than reality! You know who said that?”
“Albert Einstein.”

Abstract Art
Abstract Art

What do you do when you feel frustrated?

Snarl just for fun!
Snarl just for fun!

Benefits of snarling:

Your sound relieves stress.

You get your point across without needing words, hence avoiding offenses.

You look like your dog on attack doing it! (maybe not a benefit, lol)

If you are lighthearted enough, growl in front of the mirror just to laugh at yourself on how bad you look.




Incorrigible/by Lonny Lee 

Men they never listen!
Men they never listen!

Art Therapy/ On Painting & Drawing

Young artist at work!
Young artist at work!

My son was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Unfortunately, up until that point in time, I had no real knowledge of what I was dealing with. Like any parent I did my best to get informed so that I could help my son and myself cope with the symptoms. Continue reading “Art Therapy/ On Painting & Drawing”