The Horror after Halloween!

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“No, No” Donald Trump (Click to purchase 16 x 20 poster prints)
Horror Hillary (to purchase poster prints click image)
Horror Hillary (to purchase 16x 20 poster prints click image)







Artwork by Lonny Lee


Never has election day been so scary!

Today I am going to break one of my own rules.  “Never talk politics”  I always thought that politics was beyond my realm of knowledge as a layperson.  I never strived to be one of those loquacious individuals that probably live near Capital Hill, who probably wear glasses, and watch CNN as a must-have cup of morning coffee so they can talk politics like it’s the weather.   Continue reading “The Horror after Halloween!”

It’s a tough economy.

Since the public proclamation president Obama made about being in a recession in the winter of 2007, many if not all of us have used a version of this very clichéd now extremely popular adage, “It’s a tough economy!”

Even after the recession was said to be over in 2009, Americans have long been fighting the aftermath in lets say, quite creative or evolving ways.

Continue reading “It’s a tough economy.”