The Departure Part 3

I had forgotten. How much? I can’t even begin to wonder. Things in my head were running amok.
I observed the others more intently, with a different perspective than before I spoke to the pigeon. We all looked nervous, impatient and with a certain sense of resignation. Continue reading “The Departure Part 3”

The Departure Part 2

There is no time
There is no time

I waited.  I can’t describe how long I waited for because there seemed to be no day or night.  What would normally be hours or minutes, just simply didn’t count, you could tell by the broken clock at the top of the train station.  It stood still spaced out in incessant suspension.   Continue reading “The Departure Part 2”

The Departure Part 1

Street corner
Street corner

I just wanted enough to be on my way.  The sky was just clearing and most of us were all wet in one way or another.  The people passing by all wore their long faces.  Their square jawlines, sullen eyes and sunken cheekbones. It all spoke of some harshness that would not be mentioned out loud.

The birds in the sky all flew in circles.  I thought that was odd not because of their flight pattern but because of the feeling they gave me.  They seemed to fly together because they were afraid and uncertain.

The hooker on the corner, supposedly living the good life, did not have a smile.  Her bright red lipstick somehow seemed pale, even her feather fur-fru looked rather drab and gray.  She had her hand on her hip but despite her attitude of fronting, it was apparent she too suffered from the same moody virus that was in the air.

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Chapter 1

Escape from Cubantraz

(This story contains sexual material that is not suitable for minors)

If you had the opportunity to be your own God, would you? To have the power to manipulate your fate and make it your own will is grand indeed.

I am writing this today not just because I think it will be a best seller one day, but also because I want to share with you how I got away with murder, so to speak, and how to learn from my mistakes to become a better con. I’ve been holding on to too many secrets, and some are just too good to keep to oneself! (I am reminiscing with a shameless grin as I write these words.)

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“The foresight of only one eye”


When the room had been emptied all sound within echoed. I walked in and the sound of my heels knocking on the floor preceded me. It was a lovely empty space with so many possibilities. It had one large window with a view of the morning eastern sun settled over the city by the sea. I could stand here endlessly contemplating and meditating about all the beauty of this room but I had things to do and a reason to be here, so I drifted my focus to more earthly endeavors.
I looked at my clock. The hand ticked and holding it in my hand took me closer to the acting moment that had rendered me there. A new hour struck, yet my party was still not here. Continue reading ““The foresight of only one eye””


Incorrigible/by Lonny Lee 

Men they never listen!
Men they never listen!